Mission and Vision

Our Value Proposition

In our unique role as a distributor and manufacturer, our people are factory trained and certified in the sizing, design support, and application of various technologies.  We are able to determine the most cost effective solution for individual applications based on the design criteria, mechanical constraints, cycle life, environmental conditions and media. 

Our process begins with our commitment to understanding your requirements and mutually sharing ideas, concepts and designs.  We feel that our ability to understand, apply and integrate our core technologies is a critical benefit to you.  While we prefer to be brought in on the initial prototype stage to provide parallel engineering solutions, we are also technically capable of challenging and improving your existing specifications.  This is critical if cost management is a priority and is a service that few contract manufacturers can support.  We have a rich history of innovation and performance, and there is much that differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Role

We recognize that Bay Advanced Technologies is neither in the business of fabricated materials nor industrial distribution.  Our business is service.  Our products are precision automation, fluid controls and fabricated materials all supported by our ability to specify, engineer, and integrate complete solutions.  

Our key contributions rest largely on our ability to recognize emerging technologies in automation, selecting from the best available and providing them to you so that you can achieve the competitive advantage you require.