With locations in California, Texas, and Singapore, Bay Advanced Technologies, LLC provides innovative solutions for automation and control applications.  As a distributor and manufacturer, we are able to determine the most cost effective solution for individual applications based on your design criteria, mechanical constraints, cycle life, environmental conditions and media.


Bay Advanced Technologies is a distributor for a broad variety of best-of-breed automation products, including pneumatic, electronic and motion control, fluid handling, linear motion, sensing, servo, and stepper products.  Our proven sales engineering staff has 200+ years of cumulative industry experience and can minimize design risk by assisting you with the correct product specification for your automation applications. Bay Advanced doesn't just sell products, we specify SOLUTIONS.

Design Support & Manufacturing Solutions

Your market expects the next generation, today. Your competition is driven to get it to them and your share-holders are driven to grow the bottom-line. Investment in manufacturing capacity, quality systems, fulfillment and after-market service drains resources from your primary mission: getting a better product to market. Quicker than the other guy. At the lowest total landed cost. That’s where we come in. Process Development is your core competence. Design support and Manufacturing Solutions are just the beginning of ours. Bay Advanced Technologies - we are uniquely positioned to fulfill your prototype and production needs better, faster and more cost-efficiently.