Kollmorgen is a leading provider of motion systems and components for OEMs and users around the globe. With over sixty years of motion control design and development expertise, Kollmorgen delivers world-class solutions unmatched in performance, reliability, and simplicity.


Kollmorgen provides a complete set of drives that offer esoteric control technology, industry-leading performance, and easy commissioning, even for complex systems. We’ve put more torque and more features into a smaller package, so you can create a more compact and capable machine. Choose from a broad selection of servo and stepper drives in a variety of input voltages and output power levels.

Kollmorgen DrivesKollmorgen Drives

Linear Positioners

Kollmorgen’s electric cylinders, rodless actuators, and linear slide table systems lead the industry in force, precision and quality. We offer a full selection of positioners ranging from 20 N to 25 KN of thrust force(5 lbf to3,500 lbf), and from 100 mm to 2.7 m in length (4 in to 9 ft). These advanced positioning products achieve positioning accuracy within 100 Microns (0.004")—less than the width of a human hair.

Kollmorgen Linear Positioners Kollmorgen Linear Positioners


Our Micron® TRUE Planetary™ gearheads deliver high torque density, high torsional stiffness and a high radial load capacity. These self-lubricating, low backlash gearheads are available in a variety of sizes and ratios to provide ideal inertia matching and precision for any application. 

Kollmorgen GearheadsKollmorgen Gearheads


The family of permanent magnet motors manufactured by Kollmorgen offers a broad selection of size and package types. From frameless pancake motors to housed/shafted motors, Kollmorgen offers the most complete range of high performance motors available today. With our vast selection of motors, high performance servo drives, and stepper drives, we can attack your most demanding applications and help you build a better machine, faster.

Kollmorgen MotorsKollmorgen Motors

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