ZenPure Corporation was founded in November 2002, specializing in development and manufacturing of filtration and purification products and specialty membrane devices for a wide range of industries and applications.  ZenPure can offer filters or membrane devices of any size, fitting type, and configuration based on all types of filtration media or media combinations. All products are manufactured in a class 10,000 clean room environment with full material traceability and quality control.  Zenpure also has ISO 9001, 13485, and 14001 ratings.

Disc Capsule Filters

Available in a variety of media, sizes, and connections to meet end-user and OEM needs. The discs can be modified for custom applications.
•Luer Lock
•Hose Barb
•Sanitary fittings
ZenPure Disc Capsule Filters ZenPure Disc Capsule Filters

Capsule Filters

Ideal for R&D and small volume manufacturing.  Uniquely designed for minimal chemical waste and high flow.
Filtration Area - 200 cm²  to 5200cm²
•1.5" Internal filter 
•2.5" Internal filter 
•5.0" Internal filter
v10.0" Internal filter 
•Luer Lock
•Hose Barb
•Sanitary fittings
ZenPure Capsule Filters ZenPure Capsule Filters

Mini Cartridges

Typically used in small volume manufacturing.  Designed to minimize chemical hold up volume.
Filtration Area - 300 cm²  to 2500cm²
Available in a variety of media.
Retrofits sizes 2230,4463, 1110, 2220, 4440, AVF, and SKL Series mini cartridges
•116, 118, 015 o-ring sizes
ZenPure Mini Cartridges ZenPure Mini Cartridges

Standard Cartridges

High performance filters designed to meet critical applications. 
Filtration Area - 3000 cm²  to 20,000cm²
Filters come in a wide variety of connection types to ensure a consistent seal in most housings.
•5" to 40"
•66mm(2.6") to 150mm (5.9") 
•222, 226, 213, Gasket for DOE or SOE
•Fin or Spear, Flat top
ZenPure Standard Cartridges ZenPure Standard Cartridges

Stainless Steel Filter Housings

ZenPure Stainless Steel Filter Housing ZenPure Stainless Steel Filter Housing

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