Macron Dynamics, Inc.

MACRON DYNAMICS, Inc., a leader in the design and manufacturing of linear actuators, multi-axis automation and custom mechanical motion systems, has been providing high quality automation and linear motion systems to industrial, commercial, and government markets since 1987.  

Standard Products

MacSTANDARD Actuators are available in stock travel lengths from 184 mm to 2242 mm and offer user configurable options. Off-the-shelf availability means quick delivery and Macron assembly ensures industrial quality for a range of motion applications.

Macron Dynamics Standard ProductsMacron Dynamics Standard Products

Custom products

MACRON DYNAMICS has designed and engineered advanced automation solutions for a broad range of industries, including automotive, medical, packaging, food processing, semiconductors, electronics and more. Macron can be a single source automation or mechanical motion supplier or work with systems integrators, military and government contractors. Specializing in engineering multi-axis motion systems, gantries, and cartesian robots built to customer specifications, Macron can provide:

  • Pick & Place Systems
  • Cartesian Robotics
  • Video Production & Automation Systems
  • Sorting Systems
  • Inspection Systems
  • Camera Mounts & Scanners
  • Robotics
  • Indexing Systems
  • Packaging Handlers & Dispensing Systems
  • Product Lifts, Dumbwaiters & Elevators
  • Theatrical Automation
  • Waterjet & Laser Cutting Gantries
  • General Automation

XYZ Packaging Automation Gantry

Macron Dynamics Packaging Automation GantryMacron Dynamics Packaging Automation Gantry

XY Double Stacked Gantry System

Macron Dynamics Double Stacked Gantry SystemMacron Dynamics Double Stacked Gantry System

Automated Welding System with Wrap Around Cart

Macron Dynamics Automated Welding System with Wrap Around CartMacron Dynamics Automated Welding System with Wrap Around Cart

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