Ibex Engineering

Ibex Engineering is a manufacturer of precision linear and rotary positioning systems, specializing in custom solutions. A quality certified manufacterer with ISO 9001:2008 certification, Ibex designs positioning systems specifically tailored to meet your equipment and process requirements, employing best-in-class components and build practices (this includes lab-testing of positioning systems before shipment).

Ibex specializes in providing innovative custom positioning stage solutions that employ the most advanced motor and motion technologies available.

Products include: 

  • Linear Servo Stages
  • Linear Screw Stages
  • Voice Coil Stages
  • Direct Drive Rotary Stages
  • Belt Drive Rotary Stages
  • Goniometric Stages
  • Z-wedge Stages
  • Granite Stages
  • Servo and Screw Driven Gantries
  • Gimbols and Gyros
  • Tripod and Hexapod Actuators
  • Custom Positioning Systems
Ibex ProductsIbex Products

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