Colder Products Company (CPC) is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for industrial, life sciences and chemical handling markets. Used in a broad range of applications, connection technologies from Colder allow flexible tubing to be quickly and safely connected and disconnected, reducing spills and increasing safety.

CPC BioprocessingCPC Bioprocessing


Biopharmaceutical manufacturers incorporate single-use systems into their processes to increase productivity, add flexibility, minimize risk and reduce cost throughout their facilities. Whether upstream in fermentation or downstream in formulation or fill processes, Colder’s USP Class VI couplings and connectors make reliable, flexible and sterile connections throughout the bioprocess.

CPC DrumquikCPC Drumquik


For safe extraction of fluids from jerry cans, drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBC totes), we offer several dip-tube based systems of different sizes and materials. DrumQuik systems are safe, easy and economic dispensing solutions for general or high-purity chemicals or food-based fluids, flavorings and condiments.

CPC Couplings Smart TechnologyCPC Couplings Smart Technology

Couplings Smart Technology (RFID)

IdentiQuik couplings use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to electronically verify line connection accuracy and capture fluid and product data from point-of-origin through point-of-use. IdentiQuik couplings and connectors can electronically identify the device type or connected media and its characteristics. Applications include beverage dispensing, disposable surgical tools, pest control systems and ink jet printing.

CPC Food HandlingCPC Food Handling

Food Handling

Quick disconnect couplings are preferred over general fittings for fluid control because they incorporate built-in shut-off valves that prevent spillage, allow multiple disconnections and faster servicing. This also enables tubing to be disconnected without having to turn off the water supply. Colder couplings are NSF listed can be used with both plastic and copper tubing.

CPC IndustrialCPC Industrial


Colder’s quick disconnect couplings can significantly improve the serviceability of fluid systems by saving time, reducing spills and increasing safety. Optional valves will automatically shut off fluid flow and maintain pressure and vacuum on both sides of the fluid line. Applications include analytical instruments, printing and ink management, engine systems, fuel cells, electronic cooling and many consumer products.

CPC Life Sciences - MedicalCPC Life Sciences - Medical

Life Sciences – Medical

Medical companies around the world rely on Colder’s quick disconnect couplings and fittings to quickly and securely connect and disconnect tubing in a wide variety of medical devices and equipment. Colder’s couplings eliminate the possibility of an accidental misconnection, creating safer medical connections.

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