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Beijer Electronics is the world’s largest independent developer of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) technology. With our intuitive operator panels and information software, users worldwide communicate easily with the machines and processes they control.

Beijer Industrial PCsBeijer Industrial PCs

Industrial PCs

For complex machine control and process visualization that demands maximum reliability and high performance, Beijer Electronics offers you our range of Panel IPCs, the EPC series. Beijer Electronics offers the EPC range of Panel IPCs, both as stand alone hardware and as the iX HMI System, a combined hardware and software system with iX Runtime pre-installed.

This is a line of robust, high-performance Panel IPCs, built for long life cycles and suitable for any industry, including environments with a high level of vibration such as material handling and automotive applications.

Beijer PanelsBeijer Panels


  • iX Panels - Next generation of the award-winning EXTER series, combining high-performance hardware finely tuned for iX HMI solutions with a robust IP66 lightweight aluminum construction. Keypad and touch panels from 3.5 to 15.0 inches.
  • EXTER - Award-winning design and cutting edge technology. A future proof choice for your machines and processes. Keypad and touch panels from 3.5 to 15.0 inches.
  • H-series - Valuable, fundamental HMI functionality. A flexible product serie that enables you to pay for the level of HMI technology you need. Keypad and touch panels from 3 to 10.4 inches.
  • Monitors - With a flat panel monitor from Beijer Electronics, you benefit from a robust, flexible and industry-proven PC interface.

Beijer SoftwareBeijer Software


  • iX HMI solution - iX is the innovative HMI solution allowing you to express your ideas with a strong combination of state-of-the-art graphics and solid HMI functionality. Enjoy the experience of smarter design and engineering tools, and a truly open platform.
  • Software for H-series - H-Designer is the intuitive configuration software for the H-series of operator panels and accessories.
  • Software for EXTER - Information Designer is the intuitive and user-friendly configuration tool for the EXTER series of operator panels and accessories.
  • OPC Server - Beijer Electronics OPC Server ensures connection to all major brands and types of automation equipment on the market. It can be connected to an unlimited number of devices simultaneously.

Beijer Intelligent DisplaysBeijer Intelligent Displays

Intelligent Displays

Beijer Electronics’ Intelligent Displays supply you with enhanced capacity, specially adapted to LCM applications to provide the market with a solution that’s positioned flawlessly between LCM and HMI.

With PFD (Programming-Free Display), Beijer Electronics is launching a new concept based on their knowledge in HMI and LCM. PFD enables simply-designed user interfaces for embedded systems. With no specific experience required, development time and costs are dramatically reduced.

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