Power Supplies

Let Us Power Your Industrial Machinery

Your industrial equipment requires a range of electronic components, including reliable power sources. From device-embedded power supplies to converters to noise filters, we carry the power supply products your system needs to keep running.

Our power supply product catalog includes:

  • Unit type power supplies: Device-embedded power supplies in metal chassis with input rectifier and output stabilization circuits
  • PC board type power supplies: Affordably priced, device-embedded and rugged, these PCB type power supplies focus on basic power supply functions
  • Onboard type power supplies: These power supplies can be mounted onto PCB
  • DC-DC converters: High-power-density modules that can be used in combination with other modules     
  • Noise filters: These play an important role in stabilizing systems by preventing noises flowing into or out of power supplies

Our Power Supply Brands

We carry power supply products from Cosel.

power supplies

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