Integrated Module and System Solutions

Bay Advanced Technologies has gained unparalleled experience in fluid, mechanical, electronic and pneumatic application, design, support and manufacturing. This expertise differentiates us from most contract manufacturers and allows us to produce fully-integrated assemblies as a solution to your product demands. Truly understanding our core technologies at the component level enables us to collaborate on a design that is most efficient for your application requirements.

From initial concept to volume production, Bay AT offers our manufacturing partners robust module and turnkey assemblies to meet your quality and production requirements. In tandem with our manufacturing, engineering, materials, quality and supply chain management professionals, we offer rigorous process development and controls to assure your products meet today’s exacting requirements.

We understand that speed, flexibility and cost management are critical in today’s manufacturing environment and we are dedicated to continuously improving our value to you.

Electrical Power and Control Assemblies

Electrical Power and Control Assemblies

At Bay AT, our services include the full assembly and test of electro-mechanical AC/DC distribution assemblies, as well as a broad range of electrical control and sensing products that are all integrated into an assembly that is built and tested to your specifications. We will work from your design to provide your high mix/low volume electrical assemblies in order to fulfill your outsourcing requirements. We have been building electrical assemblies for over 20 years and we have the expertise necessary to ensure your project is engineered and built to your exact specifications. We work with a variety of manufacturers and technologies for applications that require:

  • Circuit protection
  • Power supplies
  • Line filters
  • Contactors
  • Wiring, cord sets and cable harnesses
  • Distributed I/O (including DeviceNet, EtherCAT and other protocols)
  • Sensors and sensing solutions
  • PLCs
  • HMIs
  • Vision systems
  • Temperature controllers, PID controllers
  • UL 508A


BayAT provides build-to-print (BTP) assemblies, including mechanical, electromechanical and electronic assemblies, along with motion-control devices such as linear and rotary actuators, servo motors and drives. Our capabilities range from precision mechanical assemblies to highly complex electromechanical, electronic and integrated assemblies. Whether you’re in need of a stand-alone custom actuator or a complete motion control solution, we have the experience and expertise to design, develop and deliver to your exact specifications.

Fluid Delivery

Fluid Delivery

When essential functions demand custom and value engineered fluid handling solutions, Bay AT is a proven choice for many of the leading semiconductor, life sciences and technology OEMs. Our Fluid Control Group provides world-class products from a variety of manufacturers that are leaders in the industries we serve. We are the preferred source for the fabrication of fluid delivery hoses, manifolds and complex fluid delivery sub-systems.

  • High Purity Liquid Delivery Modules
  • Fluid Control Manifolds and Hose Assemblies
Frame Integration

Frame Integration

Bay AT’s Fabricated Materials Division provides diversified frame fabrication solutions for our customers. We provide unique solutions to the semiconductor, life science, telecommunications and commercial industries. We specialize in frame design as a key part of our integration capabilities by utilizing the internal resources of our Fabricated Materials Division. This allows us the flexibility and speed to meet your requirements. From concept to design and prototype, we will support your requirements through to the finished product. Bay AT is recognized as an industry leader for cost competitiveness, on-time delivery performance and quality fabrication.

Bay AT provides integrated frames for technology OEMs that demand stringent standards for quality and workmanship. From casters and hardware to complete turnkey solutions involving fluid delivery systems, cabling and operator interfaces, Bay AT is a proven choice for quality and on-time delivery.

Pneumatics Integration

Pneumatics Integration

Bay Advanced Technologies has been a preferred supplier for integrated pneumatic solutions since 1972. We first developed a full line of electronic interfaces for pneumatic controls in 1970, a development which then became an industry standard for process control in semiconductor and disc drive automation applications. We continue to lead the industry with innovative and cost-effective designs for life science, semi, chemical management and lab automation applications.

Let our experience work for you and streamline your design and manufacturing process.

  • Integrated valve manifolds
  • Integrated pneumatic assemblies/enclosures
  • Integrated microfluidics assemblies
  • Custom pressure, vacuum and air preparation systems
  • Pressure/vacuum pump controls and pump carts
  • Pneumatic actuator assemblies
  • Pneumatic tubing harnesses
  • Pneumatic logic controls
  • System Test

    System Test

    Our ISO and Copy Exact processes and stringent corporate quality metrics ensure that our outgoing quality performance is < 300 QPPM. All products, assemblies and sub-systems are thoroughly tested to specific customer or BES standards.

    • 100% tested to BES standards or customer specifications
    • Automated functional testing available
    • Certified, bar-coded
    • 10,000+ unique designs developed and tested


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