The SMC LE Electric Actuator family strives to be one of the most diverse in the market.  Many competitors offer only rod and slide styles.  SMC goes much further.  Take a look below to survey our robust actuator range.  That's not all!  We recognize that there is a breadth of tolerance for complexity, a varying number of movements needed, and preferred methods of interface and communication.  That is why we have multiple types of controllers and programming approaches. 

LE products share the following characteristics:

  • Multiple sizes, strokes, and options for each series
  • Lower energy consumption than pneumatic devices
  • Control software with preset parameters and easy step data setting
  • Controller options for multiple levels of ease or complexity
  • AC servo rod and slide styles for higher force, speed and acceleration
  • SI network capability - Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, Profibus
  • Free model selection software available