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Panasonic releases all-new FP7 PLC

Panasonic, a world leader in Industrial Automation Products, is pleased to announce the NEW FP7 Series Programmable Logic Controllers! The FP7 Series is a compact PLC used in a wide range of manufacturing applications and major assemblies. Its high performance, security features, state-of-the-art programming software, connectivity and reliability make it an optimal solution for factory automation. The FP7 is an essential unit for reducing operational costs associated with unintended stops, debugging time, plant maintenance, and commissioning. Advanced motion control profiles are possible, such as electronic cam control. This allows for fast and precise movements, increasing the productivity and dynamics of all non-linear systems. The FP7 offers the following features:

  • Smaller footprint (backplane-free design)

  • Ethernet and web server integration for expanded connectivity

  • New, faster processor (11 nanoseconds/step)

  • Advanced motion control (integral camming and gearing)

  • Enhanced security features


Panasonic HG-C laser sensor - 10 µm resolution

Panasonic, a world leader in Industrial Automation Products, is pleased to announce the NEW HG-C Series Laser Distance Sensor.
With a compact size of just W20 x H44 x D25 mm this sensor provides high-end performance in a small, lightweight package. Three measurement ranges (100mm±35, 50mm±15, and 30mm±5) are available with a measurement resolution ranging from 10 μm to 70 μm depending on the model selected. The built-in display assist in setup and operation, and I/O options include a 0-5V analog output alongside either one NPN or PNP transistor output as well as an external input.
As compact as a photoelectric sensor, the CMOS laser sensor allows to display actual measured distance as accurately as a displacement sensor.
  • Accurate > Linearity: +/-0.1% F.S.
  • Compact & light weight > W20mm x H44mm x D25mm
  • Precise level detection > Repeatability: 10μm

Product Catalog

Product User Manual


Measurement center 30mm 50mm 100mm
Measurement range +/-5mm +/-15mm +/-35mm
Repeatability 10μm 30μm 70μm
Linearity +/-0.1% F.S.
Temperature drift +/-0.03% F.S./°C
Beam source Red semiconductor laser (655nm), Class 2 (JIS/IEC/GB)/Class II (FDA)
Beam spot Approx. Ø50μm Approx. Ø70μm Approx. Ø120μm
Supply voltage 12 to 24VDC +/-10%
Control output 1 output (Light-ON/Dark-ON switching), Load current: 50mA or less
Analog output Voltage output: 0 to +5V (Alarm: +5.2V), Output impedance: 100Ω
Response time High speed: 1.5ms / Standard: 5ms / High precision: 10ms (Switching)
External input 1 input (Zero adjustment, Teaching, Laser ON/OFF, Trigger function selection)
Protection degree IP67
Cable 5-core, 2m cable attached
Weight 35g (exclude cable), Approx. 85g (incl. cable)
The deflection measurement of the hoop material
Thickness measurement of a plate
Height control of the dispenser head
Height control of a component

Installation on a food packaging line (IP67)

Homing/limit solutions for linear motion axes

Oftentimes when designing and/or selecting motor-driven linear motion systems, the concept of homing and/or limit switches can be an afterthought.  Most linear transport systems are available with home and limit switches, but for those looking to add that functionality "after the fact," Panasonic has a few solutions that offer good accuracy and value.


Optical Through-beam:

For simple optical home/limit switches, Panasonic offers the PM line of sensing products.  These offer repeatability down to 0.03mm.  Catalog data.

  • Pros: price, size, simplicity
  • Cons: no light interference suppression, not appropriate for dirty environments  


Inductive Proximity:

For simple inductive proximity home/limit switches, Panasonic offers the GX-F/H line of sensing products.  These offer repeatability down to 0.04mm.  Catalog Data.


  • Pros: price, size, simplicity, impervious to dirt, mist, etc.
  • Cons: limited flag/target distance based on size


Contact Bay AT directly for help with your sensing applications.


Panasonic leak detection sensor

Leak Detection Sensor

Leak Detection SensorThe Panasonic EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of protecting your equipment against leaks. Using a capillary effect, the sensor utilizes the change in refractive index to detect small leaks and viscous liquids. The built-in amplifier sensor offers a compact design, and is available in general purpose (water detection) and chemical-resistant types.

A convenient LED indicator allows for simple verification of fault conditions. There is no need for sensitivity adjustments, and two simple mounting bracket styles facilitate simple installation.

Detailed information on this product can be found HERE.


Panasonic releases safety-rated leak sensor

Safety Leak Sensors

The SQ4 series is one of the first leak sensors in the industry to earn safety certification, demonstrating that it delivers safety performance of the highest caliber. Featuring a two-stage detection system for improved productivity, the SQ4 simplifies preventative maintenance and maintenance planning.

  • Category 4 Rated - When used in combination the SQ4-A sensor and SQ4-C11 controller, meet category 4 / PLe / SIL3 requirements under ISO 13849-1:2008
  • Two Stage Detection – Dual sensing outputs provide both a warning and safety-critical output for differentiation of leak severity.
  • Multiple Sensor Inputs – Up to four sensors can be connected to each controller
  • Independent Operation – Sensor heads can also be used independently of the controller, meeting a Category 1 rating.
  • Safety Input Function – Allows daisy chaining of multiple controllers along with safety peripherals such as e-stop and door switches.

Detailed information about this product can be found HERE.


Panasonic Static Ionizer Product Release

ER-X Static Ionizers
Panasonic is pleased to announce the release of its new ER-X series static ionizers
With a space saving, slim, bar style design, the ER-X provides highly efficient charge removal, while taking up minimal space.  Utilizing a pulsed AC ionization method, it is possible to effectively remove surface charges without the need for a compressed air source; however, the option exists of adding a compressed air source for added benefits such as dust dispersion or coverage of high speed webs. 
This hybrid approach to the ionization of surface charges give the ER-X series unparalleled application flexibility.
ER-X static ionizer
Three Charge Removal Modes
      Airless, Low-Pressure, and High-Speed modes are available for expanded application coverage.
Dual Head Input w/Four Head Sizes
      Each controller for the ER-X series can accept up to two heads for covering wider areas or multiple nearby locations. Four head sizes are available for charge removal widths of approximately 160mm to 640mm.            
Pulse AC Charge Removal Method
      The ER-X series has adopted the pulse AC method that alternately applies positive and negative voltages to each discharge needle. This enables the generation and discharge of a large amount of ions, resulting in faster charge removal.  In addition, this method offers variable discharge frequency/ion balance and is useful for charge removal on different types of work pieces. 
Built-In Level Meter
            The ER-X series controller features two available monitoring modes.  Ion monitor mode detects and displays the amount of ions being generated, providing a visual identification of ion production degradation. Charge monitor mode lets you quickly determine if the area around the head carries a positive or negative charge.             
Automatic Ion Balance Control
      The ER-X series provides an automatic ion balance control mechanism that senses the amount of ions being generated and compensates for any deviation in the controller, thus maintaining a highly stable ion balance.


More information HERE


Panasonic FP0 Discontinuation: Six Months


Product Discontinuation Notice


March 15, 2012

FP0 PLC Series

Panasonic Electric Works Corporation of America regrets to inform you that it will stop accepting orders for select parts in the FP0 PLC series as of August 31st, 2012.   All control units and digital expansion units will be discontinued and replaced by the FP0R PLC Series.  The analog and communication units will still be available.  The complete list of discontinued parts and their replacements can be found below in the table below, and the attached excel sheet.

Discontinuation Schedule:

Last Order Date: August 31st, 2012 

Repair/Maintenance Deadline: August 31st, 2019

Discontinued Parts:

FP0 Control Units


Discontinued Part Number

Product Name

Replacement Part Number


C10 Control Unit, Terminal Block



C10 Control Unit, RS-232, Terminal Block



C14 Control Unit, Terminal Block



C14 Control Unit, RS-232, Terminal Block



C16 Control Unit, MIL Connector (NPN)



C16 Control Unit, MIL Connector (PNP)



C16 Control Unit, RS-232, MIL Connector (NPN)



C16 Control Unit, RS-232,  MIL Connector (PNP)



C32 Control Unit, MIL Connector (NPN)



C32 Control Unit, MIL Connector (PNP)



C32 Control Unit, RS-232, MIL Connector (NPN)



C32 Control Unit, RS-232,  MIL Connector (PNP)



T32 Control Unit, RS-232, Clock/Calendar Function, NPN



T32 Control Unit, RS-232, Clock/Calendar Function, PNP





Expansion Units


Discontinued Part Number

Product Name

Replacement Part Number


DC Input: 8



DC Input: 4, Relay Output/Terminal Block: 8



Relay Output/Terminal Block: 8



Transistor Output, NPN: 8



Transistor Output, PNP: 8



DC Input: 16



DC Input: 8, Relay Output/Terminal Block: 8



DC Input: 8, Transistor Output, NPN: 8



DC Input: 8, Transistor Output, PNP: 8



Transistor Output, NPN: 16



Transistor Output, PNP: 16



DC Input: 16, Transistor Output, NPN: 16



DC Input: 16, Transistor Output, PNP: 16


Parts Exempt from Discontinuation:

Intelligent Units

Part Number

Product Name


C10 Control Unit, Terminal Block


C10 Control Unit, RS-232, Terminal Block


C14 Control Unit, Terminal Block


C14 Control Unit, Connector Type


C14 Control Unit, RS-232, Terminal Block


C16 Control Unit, MIL Connector (NPN)



Communication Units

Part Number

Product Name


CC-Link Slave Unit


I/O Link Unit


Web Address for the FP0R Series:



If you have any questions, please contact Bay AT directly.



Panasonic releases GX-M inductive sensors

GX-M Inductive Proximity Sensors

Panasonic is pleased to announce the release of its new GX-M series cylindrical inductive proximity sensors.  This series is the new standard for metal sensing in the Panasonic line - the GX-M proximity sensor comes with a broad range of available options, a high frequency response, and a high resistance to various environmental conditions.



  • Wide Product Range - 84 models available consisting of 2-wire and 3-wire configurations with an optional M12 quick connect.
  • Easy Mounting - The threaded head of the GX-M series provides a simple and convenient mounting method.  M8, M12, M18, and M30 sizes are available.      
  • High Environmental Resistance - The IP68 rating (IP67 for CX-M8□) of the GX-M series provides protection against harsh environmental conditions.
  • Shielded and Non-Shielded Options - The GX-M series is available in shielded and non-shielded types for wide application coverage.



Panasonic releases CY-100 photoelectric sensors

CY-100 Cylindrical Photoelectric Sensors 

Panasonic is pleased to announce the release of its new CY-100 series low cost, cylindrical photoelectric sensors.  This series covers a wide range of basic applications, with 80 different models are available in diffuse reflective, thrubeam, and retro-reflective sensing configurations.


  • ·Wide Product Range - Standard and side view models are available along with cable and M12 quick connector options. 
  • ·Easy Mounting - The M18 thread of the CY-100 provides a simple and convenient mounting method.  A universal mounting bracket is also available. 
  • ·High Environmental Resistance -  The IP67 rating of the CY-100 provides protection against harsh environmental conditions.
  • ·Sensitivity Adjustment - A built-in potentiometer is available on the diffuse reflective models as an option for controlling the detection sensitivity.

Panasonic A5 Servo Notch Filter In Action

This video demonstrates the A5 Servo's Notch filter function which is useful for vibration suppression by eliminating harmonic frequencies.