Thomson Linear's new GlideScrew video

The Thomson Glide Screw™ is a breakthrough in linear motion technology that combines the best features of a linear bearing and a lead screw into something better than both. The patent pending Glide Screw delivers high performance, fast installation and less complexity in a small package.


CTC releases new multi-vendor EtherCAT video

CTC has released a new video showcasing their EtherCAT master control capability with a variety of different fieldbus and servo platforms.


SMC LEY electric actuators boast new sizes, features


SMC has announced new bore sizes, environmental options, and control features for their LEY line of eclectric actuators.  These new features include:
  • New 63mm bore size
  • IP65 dust/drip proof option 
  • Broad variety of motion control options:
    • DC Step Data Input (LECP6, 24VDC stepper with encoder, 64 programmable locations, set by teaching box or PC software)
    • DC Step Data Input (LECA6, 24VDC servo with encoder, 64 programmable locations, set by teaching box or PC software)
    • DC Programless (LECP1, 24VDC stepper with encoder, entirely programmable through on-drive buttons)
    • DC Pulse Input (LECPA, 24VDC stepper with encoder, step/direction inputs suitable for use with customer motion controller)
    • AC Pulse Input Incremental (LECSA, 100/200VAC servo with incremental encoder, step/direction inputs suitable for use with customer motion controller)
    • AC Pulse Input Incremental (LECSB, 100/200VAC servo with absolute encoder, step/direction inputs suitable for use with customer motion controller)
For more information, see brochure HERE.




Brad® M12 Circular Hybrid Connector



The IP67-sealed M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector, with innovative wrap-around shielding, combines Cat5e Ethernet speed with power lines for excellent signal integrity and optimal performance and reduces cabling requirements and installation costs in harsh industrial applications.


Based on the Brad® circular M12 threaded coupling design, the innovative Micro-Change® Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) connector combines Cat5e Ethernet data traffic with power lines in a small build size. The fully shielded 4-pin array (2 shielded pairs) is enclosed by a wrap-around metal tube shield (patent pending) which allows for optimum signal integrity and performance. The two overlapping metal tubes channel the signal through the connector without disturbance of cross-talk and EMI (electro-magnetic interference).


The 8-pole (4+4) CHT connector features two Cat5e Ethernet data lines and 4 power lines capable of carrying up to 6.0A. In the 6-pole (4+2) format, two Cat5e Ethernet data lines and 2 power lines carry up to 10.0A. Combining power and data lines into one connector reduces cabling requirements and lowers installation time and associated costs. The sealed CHT connector system is ideal for, but not limited to, industrial process and automation control applications, HVAC control systems, telecoms infrastructure and base stations. Micro-Change® CHT connectors and cordsets are also suitable for many other rugged applications that require power and data in one device.


The shielding concept of the Micro-Change® CHT connector is not limited to the shown M12 build size. Different form factors, for example M16 and M23, could be developed based on a customer’s application requirements.




CTC releases EtherCAT Master for 5300 Controller


HOPKINTON, MA, June 4, 2013  – Control Technology Corp., a leading manufacturer of automation controllers that integrate motion control, I/O, user interfaces, and enterprise connectivity, has released its EtherCAT Master for the model 5300 controller.  


EtherCAT is supported in the CTC model 5300 series of control systems in the form of an EtherCAT Master module (model M3-41A), offering high-performance control of networked servos, stepping motors and I/O devices. This Master module can coexist in the same system with Modbus®, DeviceNet® and BACnet® interfaces, allowing for multi-vendor configurations with the CTC system acting as a protocol bridge as well as a control system.


Unlike other implementations, CTC has fully integrated EtherCAT into its programming environment, QuickBuilder, by pre-engineering support for the most popular EtherCAT slave devices. Through auto-discovery, the system automatically determines what specific devices are on the EtherCAT network and automatically configures the master to talk to them. This eliminates the time-consuming and potentially error-prone step of having to use a configurator to manually set up the network.  


EtherCAT-based drives and I/O points appear in the programming environment along with any other drives and I/O on the system, and are programmed as though they were local devices. This means users can freely and transparently intermix local and remote servos and I/O, or change a device from local to remote without extensive programming changes.  
The EtherCAT Master is programmed with CTC’s QuickBuilder programming environment, which includes high-level motion controls as part of its basic structure. Commands for segmented, geared/cammed, position, and velocity moves are pre-programmed in QuickBuilder with Motion Sequence Blocks (MSBs). Multi-master and virtual master are supported, and Quickbuilder also includes an interactive motion control debugger with a built-in status/error data logger utility.
Basic features and motion modes include:
  • Cyclic Sync Position
  • Interpolated Position
  • Profile Velocity
  • Profile Position
  • Any motor can track / gear / cam off any other motor
  • Distributed Clock by default
    • syncs master to slaves
    • provides simultaneous motions
  • 1 mS control loop for all axes

CTC prides itself on providing users with a broad selection of technologies available for its basic control platforms, so that OEMs, control systems integrators, and end users can develop systems that are optimized for their specific projects. “We designed our EtherCAT implementation to provide all the benefits that EtherCAT has to offer with the advantage of autodiscovery and autoconfiguration to make this powerful technology easy to use,” said CTC CEO Tom Schermerhorn.

The devices currently supported include:
  • Yaskawa Sigma 5
  • Copley Accelnet
  • Kollmorgen AKD 
  • Sanyo Denki 
  • Control Techniques (Emerson)
  • Beckhoff I/O
  • Wago I/O
  • SMC Valve Stacks and I/O
Additional devices will be added as needed or requested by customers.

Bay AT & Molex offer DeviceNet Field Service Kit


Configuration, Diagnostic & Field Service Made Easy!

DeviceNet Field Service Tool Kit from Bay Advanced Technologies and Molex

The DeviceNet Field Service Kit contains what you need to turn your laptop computer into a diagnostic tool when you’re out in the field, and you can get it from Bay Advanced Technologies.




  • Heavy duty, locking industrial case with protective foam insert
  • USB to D-Net scanner with cables
  • Optional USB security key including console software with configuration, capture & diagnostic tools
  • CD including component drivers
  • 60 Watt power supply with mini connector
  • Mini terminator with LED indicator
  • Micro terminator with LED indicator
  • 8 port distribution manifold
  • 2 x 1 and 2 x 2 meter double ended micro cable (expandable)



Length: 14.9 inches

Width: 12.13 inches

Height: 6.88 inches


For more information on the DeviceNet Field Service Tool Kit, contact Bay Advanced Technologies directly.



Homing/limit solutions for linear motion axes

Oftentimes when designing and/or selecting motor-driven linear motion systems, the concept of homing and/or limit switches can be an afterthought.  Most linear transport systems are available with home and limit switches, but for those looking to add that functionality "after the fact," Panasonic has a few solutions that offer good accuracy and value.


Optical Through-beam:

For simple optical home/limit switches, Panasonic offers the PM line of sensing products.  These offer repeatability down to 0.03mm.  Catalog data.

  • Pros: price, size, simplicity
  • Cons: no light interference suppression, not appropriate for dirty environments  


Inductive Proximity:

For simple inductive proximity home/limit switches, Panasonic offers the GX-F/H line of sensing products.  These offer repeatability down to 0.04mm.  Catalog Data.


  • Pros: price, size, simplicity, impervious to dirt, mist, etc.
  • Cons: limited flag/target distance based on size


Contact Bay AT directly for help with your sensing applications.


Kollmorgen Expands Warranty for AKM/AKD!

Minimize risk to the business with special coverage on a leading combination of products and meet customer on-time delivery requirements.  Kollmorgen introduces an unconditional 1-yr warranty on a select product combination consisting of AKD® drives and AKM® servomotors and related cables. How it works? Starting March 8th, if an OEM or distributor purchases a matching set or sets of an AKD® drive, AKM® servomotors, and cables on the same PO and anything happens within the first 12 months from the manufacture date, Kollmorgen will repair or replace the items for free. Hassle free!

Note: After the 12 month unconditional warranty expires, the standard (conditional) warranty becomes active for the next 12 months, making 24 months the total warranty period.


Panasonic leak detection sensor

Leak Detection Sensor

Leak Detection SensorThe Panasonic EX-F70/F60 series of leak detection sensors offer a unique and reliable method of protecting your equipment against leaks. Using a capillary effect, the sensor utilizes the change in refractive index to detect small leaks and viscous liquids. The built-in amplifier sensor offers a compact design, and is available in general purpose (water detection) and chemical-resistant types.

A convenient LED indicator allows for simple verification of fault conditions. There is no need for sensitivity adjustments, and two simple mounting bracket styles facilitate simple installation.

Detailed information on this product can be found HERE.


SMC introduces miniature linear motor actuator

SMC's new LAT3 series card motors are miniaturized electric actuators incorporating a linear motor, linear guide and a displacement sensor. These units are designed for the following applications:
  • Small working envelope - 9 mm thick, 60 - 90 mm long, 50 mm wide 
  • Low pushing force  - maximum pushing force of 6 N
  • High accuracy - repeatability ± 5µm
  • Measurement - ± 10µm pushing measurement accuracy (with an example load mass of 100 g, and stroke of 5mm)
  • High Duty Cycle - Up to 500 cycles per minute.
The unit is very easy to program.  Enter the position, move time, and the load mass and the controller will automatically calculate the speed, acceleration, and deceleration necessary to make the move.
For additional information see the PDF catalog at this link:  SMC LAT3 PDF Catalog