Manufacturing Services

Since 1989, Bay Advanced Technologies' Fabricated Materials Division has been providing diversified manufacturing solutions for our OEM customers. We supply the medical equipment, electronics instrumentation, semiconductor, telecommunications, and commercial industries with precision CNC machining, welded frames, welded tube assemblies and sheet metal fabrication. From quick-turn prototypes to volume manufacturing, our ISO 9001:2008 certified Fabricated Materials Division continues to be recognized as an industry leader for cost competitiveness, on-time delivery performance and quality fabrication. We are high mix factory with the agility to move fast on your prototype and production requirements.
• Precision CNC Machining
• Precision Laser Cutting - 2D & 3D
• Precision Sheet Metal
• Precision Enclosures & Chassis
• Precision Welded Frames
• Precision Welded Manifolds
• Build to Print - Build to Spec
• Design, Engineering and DFM
• Prototype, and Volume - Global Sourcing

Sheet Metal

Competence in a demanding metal fabrication market is what our customers have come to expect and Bay Advanced Technologies delivers….BayAT's ability to provide high-mix, low-volume integration is greatly enhanced by our quick-turn precision CNC sheet metal operations, which provide everything from simple brackets to complex enclosures and formed parts.

Precision CNC Machining

Bay Advanced Technologies’ manufacturing resource strategies include both domestic and low cost region machining operations that provide fast, flexible and cost effective support for systems integration, component fabrication and product engineering.  Our comprehensive internal CNC machining operations coupled with high precision machining resources in mainland China satisfy virtually all machined part requirements necessary for product realization.



Bay Advanced Technologies' Fabricated Materials Division provides diversified frame fabrication solutions for our customers. We provide unique solutions to the semiconductor, life science and commercial industries. We specialize in frame design, assembly and integration by utilizing the internal resources of our Fabricated Materials Division. This allows us the flexibility needed to be your outsource partner. Starting from concept to design and prototype, we will support your requirements through to finished product. Bay Advanced Technologies is recognized as an industry leader for cost competitiveness, on-time delivery performance and quality fabrication.


Laser Cutting Services

Bay's Mazak triple-mode Space Gear laser cutting system is a high-speed 2D & 3D production laser, that can perform 5-axis cutting of pre-formed parts and 6 axis cutting of pipes, tubing and structural shapes. With the 4000-watt resonator, the system can production cut up to 25mm thick mild steel. In 2D mode, Mazak’s pivot-beam machine design allows precise high-speed cutting of sheetmetal and plate, while a Meehanite cast frame and accurate drive system maintain the Space Gear’s superior accuracy and repeatability with minimal maintenance.

In 3-D mode, the Space Gear can bevel cut flat material and can cut pre-formed parts -- stamped, hydroformed, and spun -- using the same 5-axis cutting head. The operator can program on the machine using the user-friendly teach pendant or download NC code created by Space Cam. This software option generates NC cutting code from a 3-D CAD drawing. In addition, it can automatically design and generate NC code for a workholding fixture.

In rotary mode, the Space Gear can end cut complex contours with weld-prep bevels plus any size or shape hole all in one operation. The machine processes pipe and rectangular and triangular tube as well as C, H, I, and L beams. Programming is quick and easy right on the machine. Space Gear’s NC incorporates illustrated fill-in-the-blank programs which, for example, allow the operator to input only three lines to program the complex 6-axis contours for a saddle joint.


 Bay Advanced Technologies welding department provides precision welding for high technology requirements of precision frames, tubing manifolds and enclosures. With 14 weld stations and certified welders we excel in precision manual and automated orbital welding.

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) uses a permanent non-melting electrode made of tungsten. Filler metal is added separately, which makes the process very flexible. It is also possible to weld without filler material.

TIG Welding Benefits:

  • Superior quality welds. Welds can be made with or without filler metal 
  • Precise control of welding variables (heat) 
  • Free of spatter 
  • Low distortion 

MIG welding (metal inert gas) is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process which utilizes a welding gun through which a continuous and consumable wire electrode and an inert or semi-inert shielding gas is fed.  A constant voltage , direct current power source is most commonly used with MIG welding, but constant current systems, as well as alternating current , can be used.

MIG Welding Benefits:

  • All position capability  
  • Higher deposition rates than SMAW 
  • Less operator skill required 
  • Long welds can be made without starts and stops 
  • Minimal post weld cleaning is required