Cosel is one of the world's leading power supply manufacturers, offering high-quality, ultra small size AC-DC power supplies, state-of-the-art DC-DC converters, and effective and easy-to-use noise filters. They specialize in designing and manufacturing power supplies with the highest performance and conformity ratings (including UL60601 and Semi F47).

Unit Type Power Supplies

Device-embedded power supplies in metal chassis with input rectifier and output stabilization circuits.

PC Board Type Power Supplies

Affordably priced device-embedded rugged PCB type power supplies focusing on basic power supply functions.

On-Board Type Power Supplies

On-board type power supplies which can be mounted on PCB.

DC-DC Converters

High power-density modules with Cosel's unique state-of-the-art technologies for useful functions (rectification, voltage conversion, etc.) which can be used in combination with other modules.

Noise Filters

These play an important role in stabilizing systems by preventing conducted noises flowing into or out of power supplies.