Brad® by Molex (formerly Brad Harrison) is a line of industrial connectivity, networking, and power products.  With a broad offering of different sizes, connectors, and network types, Brad has a solution for every connectivity challenge.

Brad® DeviceNet Industrial Networks 

Brad DeviceNet by Molex is designed to be a low-cost-real time, device level bus architecture that connects sensors and actuators.

Brad® Nano-Change® (M8) Products

Brad® Nano-Change® (M8) rugged and compact connectors and cordsets from Molex offer the industry's broadest selection of space-saving cordsets, receptacles, inserts, splitters and molded junction boxes.

Brad® Micro-Change® (M12) Connectors

Rugged Micro-Change® connectors and receptacles provide a high-pin-density M12 solution and are ideal for use in harsh commercial and industrial environments.

Brad® Mini-Change® Products 

Offering the the best selection and choices of miniature on the market.

Brad® Industrial Ethernet Products

Providing solutions that enable Ethernet, the world's most popular Local Area Network, to be reliably utilized.

Brad® Power Products

Brings a flexible and cost effective alternative to designers and users of industrial machines.